Chad Files

Accomplished leader, full-stack developer, manager, and organizer with extensive experience in SaaS development, management, and support.

What I Do

Leadership and Strategic Vision

I oversee strategic projects, manage resources, mitigate risks, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure quality deliverables. I focus on maintaining strong client relationships, engaging with stakeholders, manage accounts, resolve issues, identify upselling opportunities, and gather feedback. My goal is to build long-term client satisfaction and loyalty while providing leadership and adapting to changing requirements.

Technology Expertise and Innovation

As a software platform architect, I lead the design and development of large, intricate software platforms. I manage teams, define the platform’s vision, ensure scalability and efficiency, handle integration, prioritize security, and drive innovation.

Strategic Planning and Decision-Making

I develop and execute comprehensive IT strategies that support organizations' overall objectives. I make informed decisions about technology investments, prioritizing projects, and assessing risks to ensure that IT initiatives contribute to the organization's growth and competitiveness.

Communicate and Collaborate

Effective communication and collaboration is a key component of driving successful IT initiatives. I excel in articulating complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner to non-technical stakeholders, ensuring everyone understands the value that IT investments bring to the organization. I strive to foster collaboration across departments and build consensus around IT strategies. I prioritize building strong relationships with external partners, vendors, and industry peers, as well as facilitating productive discussions between teams and units.

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